I’m Margot Tache, and I Speak About Nutrition!

I’m a certified nutritionist, and I bring health & wellness talks and education to companies, schools, and individuals.

I live & breathe nutrition and love to share my passion, and what I’ve learned with mothers and professionals!

Improve your organization’s health and wellness by bringing my expertise to your circle.

Health & Nutrition Talks For Wellness-Focused Businesses!

Hi, I’m Margot Tache a Certified Holistic Nutritionist, a Passionate Nutrition Advocate, Holistic Chef, and a Wellness Speaker.

Nutrition is my life’s passion and has played a large role in my life.

I offer health & wellness talks for:

    • Schools
    • Companies
    • Events
    • And more!

What Nutrition Can Do For You.

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Wake Up With Energy!

Say "NO" to adrenal fatigue! Bring back your youthful energy with proper nutrition and a healthy lifestyle!

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Be More Than Enough!

Ever feel there's not enough of you to go around? With Kids, a husband, and work, it can be a lot. I'll help you build yourself up, so you have more to give!
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Feel The Best You've Ever Felt!

When you implement healthy changes into your life, you'll start to feel the difference immediately. I can help you stay consistent, motivated, and on the right track to feeling your best!

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"Margot is extremely knowledgeable & professional..."

"We had the honor of hosting Margot for 2 of our virtual corporate events. We learned so much from Margot and she instilled in us the importance of nutrition and how it impacts our entire being. Margot is extremely knowledgeable & professional, and is super passionate about what she does which makes learning from her that much more fun! She was super friendly and outgoing and happily shared her knowledge with us, in a very fun way! I highly recommend Margot for any of your nutrition needs!"

- Rivka Cohen

"Probably the best nutritionist in Vancouver!"

"Probably the best nutritionist in Vancouver! Whether she gives you a consultation or a conference in person or remotely, Margot will always give you that extra that many specialists in this field prefer not to do. Their service is so specialized that you feel as if your best friend or sister is taking care of you. Thank you for everything Margot!"

- Guillermo González

"... Makes nutrition fun!"

"I have struggled with some health issues for a while. I have known Margot for several years and have always admired her commitment to a healthy lifestyle. I follow her on her social media and started taking her advice and trying her recipes. I have been able to make some big lifestyle and diet changes with her advice - things that have changed the way I feel immensely. I highly recommend Margot for her holistic nutrition advice. She has a firm yet gentle way and has a strong commitment to her clients and her friends. She is not judgemental and breaks things down to make sure what she is saying makes perfect sense. She also makes nutrition fun!"

- Miriam Sklar

"Recommend hiring her for your next corporate events!"

"She's a great wellness speaker. I really recommend hiring her for your next corporate events! Definitely worth it."

- Josh

"I Highly recommend her!"

"I have been in a few of Margots nutrition talks in my community. She is amazing! She’s so passionate and inspiring.
I Highly recommend her!"

- Gesher Project

"I am so grateful for all the tools she always shares..."

"Margot Tache is a wonderful, amazing and caring human being. It is so inspiring to see all that she accomplished and I am so grateful for all the tools she always shares on how to make positive changes in how we can nourish our bodies with easy recipes and high quality ingredients and incorporate this into our family meals and special moments."

- Monika Schwartzman

"I’ve learned so much from Margot..."

"I’ve learned so much from Margot sharing her knowledge and experience *especially as a mom of 3 keeping the whole family deeply nourished, she is a true inspiration and deeply passionate about serving her purpose here on planet earth to educate us humans how to plan, prepare, and eat simple yet wholesome meals which can be prepared efficiently!"

- Francine Lombrozo

"Highly highly recommend her!"

"Margot is amazing!!! She is so full of knowledge in her work and is so inspiring and passionate about what she does! Highly highly recommend her!"

- Rachel Gabay

"Margot is amazing!"

"Margot is amazing! She is so knowledgeable about offers some great tips for moms of picky eaters that actually work."

- Eva Shortt

"Our family is glad and thankful to come across Margot..."

"Our family is glad and thankful to come across Margot for diet plan. Very helpful and patient with answering all doubts and questions we had."

- Rushin Shah

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