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Margot Tache

Infertility rates have been growing ongoingly. There are many different factors such as: lifestyle, stress, environmental toxins, diet and others.

I truly believe in the power of food. The way we eat and the choices we make, are important factors for our well being.

It is ideal to prepare your body to have a healthy pregnancy with low risks and tons of enjoyment.

Learn the specific nutrients that your body needs and how that can help with your fertility.


I'm a Certified Nutritional Practitioner with First Class Honours & a new mom. I specialize in helping new mommas & mommas to be to feel awesome, while carrying your bundle of joy.
With new recipes, meal plans, lots of love and understanding, I work with you and your baby to achieve a healthy & comfortable pregnancy.
We are in this together!

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Margot Tache, CNP

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